Discovery Chemistry: Our technological capabilities and experience enable us to discover new chemical compositions with an affinity toward select therapeutic targets and to optimize their pharmacological properties rapidly. We possess many years of drug discovery research experience in a broad range of therapeutic areas, including viral and bacterial infections, CNS diseases, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic and immune disorders.

In Silico Research: We have developed a variety of tools and methods that accelerate the discovery of small molecule drugs based on the principles of molecular recognition between therapeutic agents and protein targets. Our methods enable high accuracy and speed in the assessment of molecular properties and their tendency to bind therapeutic targets. By accessing our proprietary technologies, customers are then able to focus their research on their most promising leads and experience considerable enhancement of research efficiency.

Organic Synthesis: Our expertise in organic synthesis covers a broad spectrum of methodologies applied in total synthesis of biologically active molecules, natural products and process optimization procedures. We will rapidly identify the most viable synthetic approaches and execute these in a resource efficient manner.

Discovery Chemistry:

Lead Discovery
Lead Optimization
Focused Library Synthesis
Integrated Medicinal Chemistry
Discovery Chemistry Consulting

In Silico Research:

Library Design
Diversity Modeling
Fragment-based Drug Discovery
Statistical Data Analysis
Pharmacophore Modeling
Library Prioritization
Predictive Pharmacology
Molecular Property Prediction

Organic Synthesis:

Custom Organic Synthesis
Synthetic Problem Solving
Methodology Design
Isotope Labeling
Process Development


Our customers now have access to pdiCAD™, which represents a breakthrough in the computational methods that assess the 3D compatibility of protein and small organic molecules. The impact of this technology on small molecule drug discovery research is profound.