Our business solutions are aimed at finding an optimal set of services, frequency of communication and target objectives best suited to our customers’ needs. We will work independently and deliver targeted molecules with desired structures, biological activity and drug profiles; or, we will work closely with our customers’ research teams to participate in daily problem solving tasks.

FTE-based Research:  This approach is suitable for customers who are in need of increasing their research capacity and efficiency. By retaining our experienced personnel in a variety of research tasks and with access to our proprietary technologies, our customers may submit lists of projects or objectives that will be executed in sequential order. This arrangement gives our customers the flexibility to modify target objectives and goals, depending on the progression of projects.

Part-time Research and Hourly Arrangements:  In this approach, our customers have the ability to retain our services without being quoted for particular research targets. They may modify tasks and objectives and retain this flexibility, without committing to full-time equivalent research over an extended period of time. In this arrangement, we will solve a particular research problem or achieve a particular objective.

Fee-for-service Contract:  Customers are quoted for particular tasks or objectives. They may choose from a variety of objectives, including preparation of single synthetic targets, synthesis of a focused library of compounds and discovery of molecules with desired levels of biological activity against select therapeutic targets. They may also select from our variety of in silico research services.


Multi-step Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds: The customer provides structural specifications for a target molecule(s) and a timeframe for completion of the project. Ellanova develops and executes a synthetic approach, delivering the desired quantity of material and supporting characterization data.   

Discovery of a Novel Lead with Affinity toward a Specific Therapeutic Target: The customer chooses a therapeutic target and defines the desired level of biological activity. Our researchers discover a lead, meeting the customer’s specification within a predetermined timeframe.

Optimization of Biological Activity and Molecular Properties of a Specific Lead: We receive a molecular lead with an affinity toward a therapeutic target with a particular problem from a customer. Applying our proprietary technologies and synthetic capabilities, we optimize the provided lead to meet our customer’s specifications.

Probability Density Imaging (PDI) Analysis of a Specific Protein-ligand Complex: A customer provides us with X-ray crystallography data for a specific protein-ligand complex. We carry out proprietary PDI analysis and deliver the results to a customer. Based on the generated data, we may offer structural modifications aimed at improving the ligand’s affinity or design a new chemical composition with an affinity toward the protein.