Ellanova Laboratories, LLC is registered in Delaware (USA). We currently operate in two locations: Connecticut (USA) and Bratislava, Slovakia. In the U.S., we focus on design procedures, modeling, statistical analysis, predictive pharmacology, toxicology and bioinformatics, while in Slovakia, we concentrate on high quality, resource efficient organic synthesis. Research at both sites is supervised by personnel with education and experience in U.S. academic and industrial institutions. We provide global drug discovery services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, helping our clients to substantially improve the resource efficiency of small molecule drug discovery research. In this effort, we offer leading edge organic synthesis methodology and our proprietary technologies in bioinformatics, virtual screening and structure-based design.

Quality: We emphasize leading edge research, by which we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies in organic synthesis, drug discovery and bioinformatics.

Efficiency: A combination of the highest quality of rendered service with competitive pricing is the characteristic signature of our service.

Data Security: The protection of the intellectual properties of our customers is of paramount importance to us. Toward this end, we adhere to the highest standards of documentation, confidentiality and data security which are rigorously enforced at all of our facilities.

Communication: We believe that accuracy of reporting, good communication and frequent information exchange are essential in identifying our customers’ most important needs and priorities.

Flexibility: We approach every customer in a unique way, identifying an optimal solution to maximize satisfaction through a dramatic increase in research productivity.


At Ellanova Laboratories, we are committed to attracting and retaining the very best talent by valuing and rewarding individual and team contributions, fostering creativity and risk taking, encouraging diversity and equal employment opportunities and offering competitive compensation. Our continued growth and success are based on the contribution of each and every employee. Our competitive advantage has been our tremendous intellectual capital and our focus on our employees is the key to our success. We invite you to consider Ellanova, a company founded by scientists from one of the world’s leading research universities. Please send us your information, via e-mail, to or to our corporate address. To view positions available view our career page here.